Ooma Review


Ooma Telo is breakthrough device, allowing you to make calls to anywhere within the United States for free.  It includes Caller-ID, call-waiting and 911 service.  According to Ooma reviews, you only need to pay for applicable taxes and fees (around $3.50 per month).  All you have to do to make Ooma Telo work is to hook up the device to your existing phone and to high-speed internet connection. No need to install any kind of software. No need to follow any hardware specifications. That’s it. All you need is your existing telephone and high-speed internet access and you’re set. The Ooma Telo is listed at $199.99 and will include a 60-day free trial to Ooma Premier. You can use it with an Ooma Telo handset, wireless adapter, and Bluetooth adapter for expanded use (not included with the Ooma Telo).

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Below are some of Ooma Telo’s pros according to various Ooma reviews:

  • In order for a free call using Ooma Telo to come through, the party you are calling does not need to have Ooma Telo too. All the calls you make, to any number in the United States, will be free of charge once you have Ooma Telo set up. No one else needs to subscribe to anything but you.
  • If you buy an Ooma Telo in the US for someone who lives internationally and has high-speed internet service then you can talk for free.
  • Ooma Telo is very easy to use so anyone can use it. Taking advantage of auto-configuration technology, setup generally takes less than 15 minutes and using the system is even simpler! All you have to do is use your phone as you normally would. The only difference now is that you dont have to worry about phone bills, notes an Ooma review.
  • An Ooma review highlights that the Ooma Telo is conveniently independent of your computer. It is a stand-alone, always-on, low-power device that will allow you to save as much as $20 a month on your energy bills since you don’t have to leave your computer on in order to receive and make calls.

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Some of the things that may make you think twice about getting Ooma Telo include:

  • Like getting a new phone line, you will be provided with a new phone number. Those in Hawaii though will have to pay a surcharge of $29.99 every year for every number they have (the Ooma Telo can accommodate up to four phones!) because of the 808 area code used in Hawaii phone numbers. One 808 phone number will be provided for free if you upgrade your subscription to Ooma Premier.

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  •  You can also keep your current phone number while using Ooma Telo most of the time. You just have to pay $39.99 as a one-time processing fee. Sign up for Ooma Premier though and it’s free! Ooma Premier costs $119.99 a year though. Processing for your existing phone number to be retained can take up to three weeks. During that time, make sure that you retain your phone access until the transfer has been completed, reminds an Ooma review.
  • You can make calls to someone who lives internationally but does not have a Ooma Telo but rates can vary some are better then others.
  • High start-up cost
  • Limit of 5000 minutes (outbound calls) per month


Ooma vs


Ooma is a breakthrough device that allows you to call anywhere in the US for free. Doing an Ooma vs comparison is a great way to understand how this device can considerably help you save on communications costs but here are some of the basics you must know about Ooma:

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  • Ooma Telo is very easy to use because all you need to do is to hook it up to your phone and high-speed internet connection.
  • You don’t have to use your computer to use Ooma Telo so that also translates to savings on energy costs because you don’t need to have your computer turned on to make and receive calls.
  • If you know how to use a phone, then you can use Ooma Telo. No complicated commands to use! Just pick up your phone, dial a number, and you’re set.
  • Charges and fees will apply to international calls but there at a fairly low rate in most areas.
  • An Ooma vs comparison shows the Telo can be used with accessories, like a handset, Bluetooth adapter, and wireless adapter.
  • The Ooma Telo is available for $199.99 and your purchase comes with a free trial of Ooma Premier for 60 days.
  • Ooma Telo allows you to make up to 5000 minutes (outbound calls) per month.
  • You will be provided with your own phone number upon using Ooma Telo but you can also stick to using your existing phone number. Charges will apply though for this to be processed.

Ooma vs netTALK DUO

The netTALK DUO is the second generation VoIP (voice-over IP) device from netTALK, replacing the TK6000. Like Ooma Telo, netTALK DUO makes it possible to make free calls to the US, but netTALK DUO also offers this service to Canada. This gives netTALK DUO an advantage over Ooma Telo because more areas can be serviced. Free directory service is also offered by netTALK DUO, something that Ooma Telo does not cover. Like Ooma Telo, the netTALK DUO simply needs to be connected to a phone and high-speed internet connection to work. There’s no need to use a computer too but you can still do so if you wish. For the first year of service, netTALK DUO costs $69.95, while the device itself is available for $49.95 plus tax.

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Ooma vs Vonage

Vonage is an easy-to-use home phone service that utilizes high-speed internet connection to let you make calls. You just need to hook up the Vonage Box to a phone and high-speed internet connection and you’re set. Like Ooma Telo, you don’t need a computer to use Vonage. The Vonage Box is easy enough for anyone to set up but should you require assistance, Vonage can send professional installers to help you out. To better address your communication needs, Vonage also has different calling plans you can choose from. You can even extend your Vonage service to a mobile phone at no extra cost. But unlike Ooma, an Ooma vs Vonage comparison reveals that the latter does not offer free calls but rather sticks to offering very low rates. Vonage World costs $9.99 a month for the first three months plus taxes and fees as stated in a one-year agreement.

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Ooma Phone via Ooma Telo – Free Calls on Your Home Phone, Anytime


Not so long ago, a lot of people have to pay big bucks just to place a single phone call to a loved one. Whether it was a local, long-distance or an international call, there are a lot of hidden charges associated with making a call.

Thankfully today, there are devices that can help you curb your call costs and place a call with ease, no matter how near or far your contact may be. Among all of these devices, the ooma phone, specifically the Ooma Telo that can be considered as the life saver in cutting phone call costs dramatically.

What is the Ooma Telo?

The Ooma Telo is a revolutionary device where you can place a call to any ooma phone or any other phone device at little or no cost to you or to your receiving party. Through the use of the internet and a landline, you can experience placing free calls to whomever you may want to talk to in the US.

Since the technology behind this ooma phone is through the internet, you can depend on it to give you the chance to have a reliable service each and every time. You don’t have to add more features to place a call, but you can surely get some add-ons from Ooma to make your call experience even better.

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Ooma Telo Features

If you have an ooma phone, you can expect a number of features that are beyond that of the usual mobile phone. You can place calls from your house to anywhere in the world, but there are other features that you can expect from this wonderful device.

If you dial 911 for emergency, rescue officers will be dispatched to your home directly with the use of a zoning feature in your Ooma Telo. This saves a significant amount of time that is critical to saving a life. It is an invaluable feature that is included whenever you buy an Ooma Telo unit.

Even more, wireless LAN and Bluetooth features are also available for the Ooma Telo, so that you can be connected and make free calls within the United States and place low cost calls outside of the U.S. in the most convenient way possible. Just buy the unit, settle charges, set it up and start talking.

Ooma Telo Costs and Phone Rates

For minimal monthly taxes (around $3.50) and a list price of $199, the Ooma Telo can be used.  You can add to your Ooma Telo to make it a more powerful device than it already is. Wireless adaptor is available for under 50 dollars, so that you can talk with the Ooma Telo anywhere WI Fi is available (without a Ethernet cable).

The ooma phone is a practical addition to any home phone and it is a great investment that can make you save a lot of money. With the Ooma Telo, people who live on the opposite coast or the opposite side of the world can be easily reached.

Vonage Reviews


Checking out Vonage reviews is a great way to understand better the VoIP service because it will give you various viewpoints on what Vonage has to offer. As a pioneer in the industry, Vonage has a clear grasp of what customers need and how these needs will be addressed. As such, Vonage has remained on top of things by offering different kinds of services to address the varying needs of customers. By offering advanced services at affordable prices, Vonage generally has customers’ needs covered. Vonage reviews will give you the insight you need about what Vonage is offering, allowing you to make an informed choice for your best benefit.

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Vonage has an incredible list of included calling features (numbering at least 25!), given to you at no extra cost when you subscribe. Some of the features that the Vonage service offers according to Vonage reviews include: Vonage Extensions, Vonage Visual Voicemail, Caller ID with Name, Call Waiting, Vonage Voicemail Plus, Call Transfer, Call Waiting with Caller ID, Vonage Online Account, Network Availability Number, Enhanced Call Forwarding, SimulRing, 3-way Calling, Caller ID Block, Call Return, Do Not Disturb, Anonymous Call Block, Repeat Dialing, International and Directory Assistance Block, Moving with Vonage, Call Hunt, Ring Lists, Vonage Access Number, Bandwidth Saver, Click-2-Call, 1-700-WEATHER, 1-700-GREETINGS, Refer-A-Friend, Move Your Number, Number for Life, In-Network Calling, and 24/7 customer support. Some of the other services you can take advantage of for a minimal fee include: a fax line, another line, Vonage Softphone, Toll Free Plus, a virtual number, and annual prepayment.

Calling plans

The calling plans Vonage offers makes it possible for different people with different needs to use the same service provider to suit them. According to Vonage reviews, calling plans are split into two categories: domestic calling plans and international calling plans. Domestic calling plans are further split into residential and small business plans. Domestic residential calling plans are made up of US and Canada Unlimited (unlimited local and long distance calls to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for $9.99 for the first three months of subscription plus taxes; fourth month and beyond costs $24.99), US and Canada 300 (300 minutes of outgoing local and long distance calls to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for $11.99  each month plus taxes), and US and Canada 750 (750 minutes of outgoing local and long distance calls to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for $19.99 a month plus taxes).

There are two international calling plans offered by Vonage: Vonage World and Vonage World Plus 1000. Vonage World includes unlimited landline calls to 60 countries and unlimited mobile phone calls to over 10 territories and countries, costing $9.99 for the first three months and $25.99 for every month thereafter. Vonage World Plus 1000, on the other hand, offers unlimited calls to the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, unlimited landline calls to more than 60 countries, unlimited mobile phone calls to 10 countries, and 1000 premium minutes you can use for landline calls to more than 15 additional countries and mobile phone calls to 30 additional countries. All calling plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With these rates, it would seem that Ooma offers cheaper services in general at $199.99 because no monthly charges (except monthly fees and taxes around $3.50) are involved, notes Vonage reviews.

Ooma Reviews – What Users Have to Say About The Ooma Telo


Since the Ooma Telo has been launched in 2009, more and more people have bought the unit to make free phone calls within the United States and have affordable calls outside of the United States. It has become a household name over the course of 3 years that it has existed in the market.

So, what do users have to say about the Ooma Telo through ooma reviews? Here are some of the insights of user experiences and their resounding positive response with using the Ooma Telo to make free phone calls.

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Easy Setup

One of the things that is pointed out by a lot of Ooma Telo users is that the setup of the Ooma Telo couldn’t be easier. Some reports say that they can place a call 15 minutes upon unboxing the device.

During the 15 minute period, you would have unboxed the Telo, plugged it in and connected it to your high-speed internet service, called the customer service hotline to activate the unit and you would have placed calls as well. It is a resounding positive response from ooma reviews that a lot of users report ease of installation and use and that they would recommend it to other people as well.  Note Ooma comes standard with Voicemail, Caller-ID, call-waiting and 911 service.


Crisp Call Quality

When you are introduced to the idea of having a phone setup that is dependent on your home internet connection, you may think that you will get cracks, dripping noises and get cut-off halfway through your call. Thankfully, ooma reviews report that the Ooma Telo is a very reliable device when it comes to placing, receiving and forwarding calls.

The call quality in the Ooma Telo is so crisp, that a number of users report that they feel like they are using a regular phone, without the cost of a regular call. It is a convenient way of cutting down on bills while getting the quality of calls that you need.



The retail price of the Ooma Telo is around 199 dollars, which is less than what you would pay for a years’ worth of calls with a regular phone plan. Upon purchase, you’ll get features included in the device that you wouldn’t have to pay for and will eventually be a benefit that will also drop down call costs. By default, you will only have to pay for the unit and the monthly taxes (around $3.50) that come along with the calls that you make.

To improve your Ooma Telo user experience, you can get accessories such a Bluetooth Adaptor and Wireless Adaptor.  With the Bluetooth Adaptor you can talk on your hands free anywhere within range.  With the Wireless Adaptor you talk on you Ooma Telo anywhere WI-Fi is available.

There is a resounding positive feedback among ooma reviews, making the Ooma Telo the ideal phone accessory in today’s age of technology in the home. If you haven’t considered having the Ooma Telo installed to cut costs, then perhaps you might now.


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